Scilab Function
Last update : November 2005

cgal_delaunay_2 - Delaunay triangulation of a set of points in 2d space.

Calling Sequence

[tri [,ptr] ] = cgal_delaunay_2(x,y)



A Delaunay triangulation of a set of points is a triangulation of the sets of points that fulfills the following empty circle property (also called Delaunay property): the circumscribing circle of any facet of the triangulation contains no point of the set in its interior. For a point set with no case of cocircularity of more than three points, the Delaunay triangulation is unique, it is the dual of the Voronoi diagram of the points.


x =rand(1,100);
y =rand(1,100);
tri = cgal_delaunay_2(x,y);
[nbtri,nb] = size(tri);
tri = [tri tri(:,1)];
for k = 1:nbtri
plot2d(x(tri(k,:)),y(tri(k,:)),style = 2);

See Also

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for more details see CGAL Manual.

This function uses the Triangulation_2 package of CGAL, which is under QPL license. See License Terms