CGLAB can be used under Unix, Linux and Windows environment.

Under Unix and Linux platforms :

You have to install CGAL in your computer and set the environment variable CGAL_MAKEFILE to CGAL-3.2/make/makefile_<CGAL-OS description> ,where CGAL-OS description is used to identify the operating system and compiler for which the settings hold. This variable is used by the Makefile when compiling CGLAB.

Click here to get CGLAB-1.0.tar.gz .

After you have downloaded CGLAB, decompress it in your own directory, let say "CGLAB", run Scilab software, in the scilab interpreter, change directory to be in CGALB one by typing chdir("path to CGLAB"), and finally, execute the bloader.sce file by typing : exec bloader.sce. This will compile CGLAB, then create libraries, and finally load the archive in Scilab environment.

The binary version for Windows platform:

You don't need to install CGAL in your computer, you have just to load the dynamic library by executing the loader file.

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